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Richard C

Richard C. Archives (?) (no formal name) (maybe it's just a ""collection"')
716 E. Park Ave.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Richard C.

Date founded
early to mid '60s

Approximate number of works
three to four thousand (?) (questionable) (maybe even less)

Approximate yearly additions
Has slacked off considerable - maybe 50 works (pieces) a year. (You know, you have to send mail to get mail)

Correspondence & or "Mail Art" (New York Correspondance School), Mail Art publications & catalogs
Organization/display methods
Not really organized - letters & postcards in cardboard boxes. (Always ready to be placed in the "U-Haul" truck for the next move.) Description: Eclectic.

Public access
You mean that someone is interested? No website - but I've seen spiders crawling around now & then.

Approximate yearly cost
Usually consider with the "cost-of-living" i.e. paying the rent - some-times it all goes to a storage unit - I hate it when I have to do that.

Relation to larger institutions

What is your motive for maintaining the archive?
Family tradition - "packrats." Also, I enjoy correspondence art.
P.S. Itve had a few mildew & water damage problems over the yearsp but generally things are in fairly good condition.
P.P.S. & what is the approximate yearly "ghost of maintenance? " I don't know - "an arm & a leg"? Broken relationships? Seems to me that it has always been hanging by some invisible gossamer thread.

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